Wills Trading Cards #19: Laying Linoleum

Wills Trading Cars - 19 Laying Linoleum

Wills Trading Cars - 19 Laying LinoleumDuring the 1930s, the tobacco company W.D and H.O.Wills gave away colourful and entertaining collectors ‘cigarette trade cards’ in packets of their cigarettes. ‘Household hints’ was issued several times, in slightly different editions from 1930 to 1939. Some of the ideas look antiquated and redundant but occasionally there are forgotten gems that are pertinent today.  I am sharing this series as a historical glimpse into yesterday’s home maintenance and the occasional addition to solutions for the modern home.

18. Laying Linoleum

When putting down linoleum, make the joins in the least conspicuous places, if possible following the lines of the design. When joining the material, match the pattern and,laying the straight cut over piece to be fitted, score the surface of the latter with point of knife, using straight edge as a guide, A. the linoleum can then be cut through along the marked line, cutting from above with the point of the knife downward, or from beneath with point upwards, B, as may be found convenient. In fitting awkward curved angles, make a paper pattern and use it as a template when cutting the material, C.

Lets hear it for Lino. A recipe of linseed oil , wood flour, pine tree resin and limestone poured onto a natural flax cloth, makes it an Eco product dreamt up in 1855 By English man Frederick Walton. He patented the process in 1860 and began to sell his product as an alternative to wood or slate floors.

By the time he contested the use of the trade name ‘Linoleum’ by a competitior, the judge ruled that too many years had passed and it has become known as the first trade name to become a generic term.