Calm Your Nerves

Feedback from workshop graduates at The Goodlife CentreFeeling a bit nervous? Not sure what to expect? Not entirely thrilled about walking into our workspace for the first time on your own?

Don’t be scared, you are in good hands. Our workshops are a mix of men and women and all age groups (we’ve taught from 8 to nearly 80). Everyone has one thing in common; they want to  learn a new skill, gain some independence and are usually total beginners.

View some feedback from “Goodlife Centre Graduates” who have experienced our workshops first hand, and can put your mind at ease.

DIY in a Day

“On entering the premises I was immediately made to feel welcome by the staff.  I was offered a drink and had a brief chat before the course began.  The building has plenty of windows and is well lit when the light outside fades.  I felt at ease from the start. ”

I have now attended two courses offered by the Goodlife Centre, and have been so impressed with how practical and useful they have both been.

“This was a very basic introductory course on what tools to use for what jobs.  We practiced using basic tools, such as manual screwdrivers, moving on to using electrical screwdrivers and drills.  With the latter, the tutor demonstrated proper and safe use of the tool, after which we practiced drilling into wood, brick and tile (without breaking the tile).  This was a very good foundation course for any further DIY courses. ”

“It was a good course as advertised and Alison made it better by adapting to the group and answering questions as required. I’m highly recommending this to any of my friends who lack DIY confidence. ”

I did a day’s DIY course here yesterday and it was amazing. Good for anyone who is a DIY dope. Can’t wait to be let loose with the drill!

“I really valued the general overview of tools and techniques for a range of needs & situations. It suited what I was after. It was fun, and confidence building to get hands on straight away. Amazing how much you packed into the day. Maybe include a bit of shared work with others in the group? loved the venue and location. ”

The content, pace and delivery were all brilliant. Forget about formal teaching qualifications when you can teach this well! Scott’s input very helpful too. THANK YOU.

“I had high expectations so ‘better than expected’ is good. I learned so much about DIY and also there was plenty of food for reflection about myself and my approach. Very valuable!! Will there be a follow up course?

Alison adjusted the course because she thought that everyone had had more experience than usual. It was exactly right for me. I felt that I was learning all of the time and had taken it in. Alison and Scott worked really well together. ”

Basic Tiling

Basic Tiling Workshops at The Goodlife Centre

“This was offered by an experienced professional who demonstrated the tools and techniques we would need to attempt our first tiling project.  We were shown a variety of manual and electrical cutting tools, which we were all able to practice on tiles provided by the centre.  We each then had the opportunity to attach some tiles to a backboard, under the watchful eye of our tutor, and to apply the grout and clean the tiles for a great finish.

As a novice to all matters DIY, I was very impressed with the presentation of both courses.  Ample time was allowed for questions and for sharing of experiences. ”

I am happy to recommend The Goodlife Centre.

Decorate in a Day

“Well structured course: The content was wide – not only was techniques of painting & wallpapering covered, but also aspects such as wood filling, sanding & other tips to overcome minor repairs/problems. Really will save me money & time!

The course was well paced: one topic lead relevantly onto another topic – practically relevant to how you would decorate in ‘real life’. The hands-on, practical approach gave me confidence to undertake the decorating techniques in ‘real life’ & also instilled a sense of eagerness! The tips of what kind of tools to use I found valuable too. Also of great value was the info sheet sent via email after the course was completed – I can’t describe how relieved I was that I could concentrate fully on the course knowing that the info/notes would follow. ”

Alison’s sense of humour put everyone at ease & made everyone comfortable & confident enough to try the hands-on exercises without the fear of making mistakes.

“Alison was very approachable and open to questions & comments. She explained things in a clear, friendly, no nonsense manner which I really warmed to & totally appreciated. ”

“Well paced, fun and incredibly informative. I have used all the tips in my house renovation to date and intend to sign up for more courses! Scott’s sardonic sense of humour and Alison’s wit made the class most enjoyable. ”

Not sure how you could improve on the classes – they’re well run, you learn a lot and it’s fun.

“The painting & decorating course allowed for all members to ‘have a go’, which really built up the confidence to have a go in the real world. Course was well paced & Alison was a very patient, approachable tutor with a GSOH & great tea making skills! Very relevant course taught in an easy to understand, supportive manner. RECOMMEND A ++++ ”

Basic DIY

“I genuinely loved the course from the moment I first walked in the door Alison made me feel so relaxed after a hectic work day. I learnt lots and feel a lot more confident with DIY skills. In fact I changed a fuse wire myself this morning even though I missed the electricals class so I know already its worked! ”

“Alison is a great teacher! I’ve been on the basic DIY course one evening per week for the past four weeks and each evening I’ve left with more knowledge, energy and enthusiasm than I arrived with! ”

Lampshade Making

“The building is a beautiful space to work in. My concerns at the start of the course were incorrect although i would have liked to start with the soft shade and move onto the hard shade on the second day. ”

I would definitely recommend this course to everyone. A fantastic 2 days – thank you Goodlife Centre.

“This place is the real deal, committed passionate people, great learning vibe, don’t hesitate. ”

Intro to Upholstery

“I loved it! Really practical, really invigorating. I’ve got the confidence to tackle some of our family chairs now! ”

Both teachers were brilliant. Really clear, really friendly, really good at demystifying upholstering a chair and making us feel like we could all give it a go!

“Thought Rachael was fantastic, really inspirational and approachable. Would love to do more courses with her…

“This kept my attention all day, was perfectly pitched and I am hooked…not only on upholstery but also now intend to come to other courses offered by the good life centre. Rachael was brilliant – you would never have known it was her first session and it was great having Alison there as well and I cant wait to come to another session. ”

“I dont think it could be better. ”

“Rachel is an absolutely brilliant tutor. Her enthusiasm, and her depth and breadth of knowledge are enthralling. I had no special interest in the course (see 8 below), but she captured my interest from the start. She’s an excellent communicator, and I found the whole day thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable. Everyone was so helpful to me (I had problems with a bit of arthritis in my hands), and I am very proud of my finished project! ”

Upholstering a Footstool

“I had a great time…it was relaxing, informal, friendly, yet knowledgeable and inspiring…and I aquired a skill at the same time – fabulous! ”

Wood Skills

“My expectations weren’t high. Thought it was wonderful. For me, it was everything I’d wanted. Learning how to sharpen the chisel as well as using it was brilliant. I felt the course was to teach us, rather than to make money. I only wish i live nearer!

Thought the combination of Simon and Alison was amazing. ”

The balance was perfect. Enough practical and tips to really wet my appetite. I fancy the challenge of hanging a door!