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Chips off the chisel. Tool trivia, historic gems and random ramblings from the creative cranium of Goodlife Centre founder and DIY historian, Alison Winfield-Chislett.

Ruth Thomson Carpentry Tutor at The Goodlife Centre

The Wonder of Ruth

An occasional series focusing on our wonderful tutors. Ruth Thompson was recently asked about the process of a chopping board she was making. She described it as this; 75-100 years to grow and then it fell and lay in the woods for a while 1 day to pull the fallen…

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Home Health Check Up

Home Health Check Up

House maintenance is like staying healthy. It’s your responsibility to understand the consequences of poor diet and no exercise on your body and all it takes is a little education to start benefiting from the right amount of nutritious foods and a jog round the block. Your home is the same….

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A country craftsman… in the city

Walking into the studio, I am hit by a memory of strolling in the woods. The smell of a room when filled with wet wicker or damp rush is like a forest after rain. John Page arrives for the day’s teaching by bike, having travelled from his home in the…

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Meet Bookbinding Joe

Meet the Maker – Bookbinding Joe

Meet the Maker   A mini-series where you can get to know a bit more about our creative tutors at The Goodlife Centre. We start with Joe Dixon… Joe Dixon is a London based bookbinding tutor, book restorer and producer of bespoke hand bound products. With over 10 years experience…

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Find Your Flow - Meditation through Creation

Finding your flow

Social theorist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the architect of the notion of “flow – that creative moment of joy when a person is completely absorbed in an activity for it’s own sake, that nothing else seems to matter. This state is characterised by a feeling of great absorption, engagement, fulfillment, and…

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Log Log

  Ben Rawlinson is a maker of bespoke fine furniture. His workshop is within The Goodlife Centre and it’s always a pleasure to see him working on an upcoming project. He chooses the timber he will use based upon his knowledge and experience working with each wood.Everything Ben makes, he…

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Tinkering and tinkers

About tinkers and tinkering about

My grandmother would have been amused that an unremarkable event had such a profound effect on me. I was a child, spending long holidays, as always, with my Manx relatives. We were in the scullery of her stone cottage in the Isle of Man. It was a tiny space- dark…

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For the Love of London

Moira was the first tutor to arrive last Sunday. It was the morning after the attacks on London Bridge and she had been delayed by all the road and station closures. We were preparing for three workshops that were due to start at ten. ‘I had to get up at…

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‘Can you help fix the Tappys?’

We get asked lots of questions- mostly starting, ’This is a bit of an unusual request…’. When we got a call a few weeks ago, I was more intrigued by Bridget Virden’s naming of the object she needed repairing. Bridget runs lunchtime drop-in workshops in the market and had been…

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Our Story. The Director’s Cut.

After a childhood of endless drawing, playing with plasticine and cluttering the surface of every table with wood scraps, glue, paper and fabric, it was a natural choice to set my heart on a lifestyle where the scribbling and making would never stop. The 3D design department workshop at Ravensbourne…

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