Restore Your Own Project

A  wonderful entry into the enchanting world of restoration. This is a project based course and we encourage learners to bring a small wood item to the first class.

You can bring a 60s book-rack, a small occasional table, a simple chair or a shabby wood box. These objects can be wobbly, scratched or dented, and maybe a few bits missing- they can date from 19th to mid 20th century.

Work on your own piece while learning the skills you need along the way. Steve English is an experienced teacher who will increase your knowledge as he shares his life time experiences of being a professional restorer and French Polisher.

We will show you how to fix the wobbles and make joint repairs and how to repair lost or flaky veneers. You will also have an introduction to wood finishes from modern stains, varnishes and waxes to classic French polishing.

This is a great way to get stuck into the practice of restoration. Whether your interests are mid century modern plywood and plastic or ormolu and inlay, Steve will guide you through the process of assessing a potential project, learning about its construction and how to bring a sad relic back to shining glory.

Please email if you have a photo of a project you would like to discuss

All materials will be charged at nominal rates. Some materials will not be kept in stock, but can be ordered in. Approved projects can be stored at the centre. We cannot offer additional time to work on your project outside of workshop times.

Start day Date Start time End time Course name Course length Price Good to Know Details Register
Wed 20/09/2017 18:30 21:00 FURNITURE RESTORATION - EVENINGS - BRING A PROJECT 11 Weeks £595 Great entry to furniture restoration Details Register
Sun 08/10/2017 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO FURNITURE RESTORATION - 1 DAY 1 day £175 Popular course! Details Register
Sun 29/10/2017 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO FURNITURE RESTORATION - 1 DAY 1 day £175 Popular course! Details Register

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