Intro to Woodwork – Flip Lid Dovetail Box

Suitable for:

Course length: 6 weeks – afternoon/evenings

Dates: See below for individual dates/times.

Key tools: Marking tools, hand saws, chisels, hand planes.

Project: Flip lid dovetail box.

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An absorbing six week course for beginners and a enjoyable learning experience for anyone with a little woodworking experience. Using a fusion of hardwood and softwood, this six week evening course will teach you the fundamentals of woodwork and give you an opportunity to use classic hand tools; brass backed tenon saws, sharp wood chisels and  delicately honed vintage wood planes.

This well proportioned flip lidded box is constructed of  European redwood using a single dovetail joint at each

corner and the fitted hardwood lid  is attached to the base by a handmade ‘dowel’ peg hinge. The project will familiarise learners with many classic woodwork techniques and is taught with patience and enthusiasm by Andy Nicholl, wh o has devised this informative and challenging project.

You will take home a treasure to treasure- and we hope it will enthuse you to learn how to make many handmade woodwork projects in the years to come.

If your keyboard weary hands have been needing a skill to fulfill and satisfy a yearning desire to create something you can hold, come and join us in our well equipped and inspiring workshops and discover the wonderful world of woodwork.

Key skills:

Measuring marking and cutting dovetail joints to make an accurate framed box.

Planing and shaping a hardwood lid to fit the soft wood frame base.

Making and fitting a hardwood dowel joint to attach the frame base to the lid

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Mon 11/09/2017 14:30 17:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - FLIP LID DOVETAIL BOX - 6 AFTERNOONS 6 Weeks £345 Brand new course! Details Register
Mon 11/09/2017 18:30 21:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - FLIP LID DOVETAIL BOX - 6 EVENINGS 6 Weeks £345 Brand new course! Details Register

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