For the Love of London

Moira was the first tutor to arrive last Sunday. It was the morning after the attacks on London Bridge and she had been delayed by all the road and station closures. We were preparing for three workshops that were due to start at ten. ‘I had to get up at five and make some posters’ she explained as she started to lay out for  the DIY class she was due to teach.

At lunchtime Moira put aside her sandwich and used the table in the kitchen to set out large curled crisps of paper on which she over inked some pencil lines underneath.

As she set off back to Brockley that evening, she carefully targeted where she put the posters up. ‘I wanted to create a cordon of healing around the attack area’. Some police had allowed her to step past a barricade and Moira had got over her bashfulness in broadcasting her wishes to everyone affected. It was then that the news photographer spotted her.








I can hear Moira’s wit woven within that desire she had to unite with  those of us who felt lost for words. One of her posters read ‘I love my city and all who sail in her’  and so I wasn’t as surprised as Moira to see how her work had caught the public imagination. All through the week, her pictures  and posters kept appearing in news reports and social media. 

Moira’s bold letters acted and spoke for many of us. Thank you. 

As she said later in class – ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to do it.’

Moira in her normal role of teaching DIY at The Goodlife Centre

Moira wearing her new CORBYN necklace