Toy Theatre shows have been enchanting audiences since the 1800s. This autumn we are offering people a chance to see the small but beautifully formed world of toy theatre.

These evenings will include a short introduction to the show, a ripping rendition of the play by the performers and an opportunity to learn how to construct your own toy theatre to create your own mini production. We hope that you will come and learn how you can use these techniques to become your own impresario. 

If you would like to know more about toy theatre, you can read about it here.

£15.00 includes the performance of a show and practical workshop to learn some basic techniques to make and light a theatre of your own. We have wooden frames and reprints of original scenery for sale too. Our performing space is limited to 20 seats so book now to avoid disappointment. Perfect for all ages.


MARY – THE MAID OF THE INN: Thursday October 11th 6.30pm-9pm or Thursday Nov 8th 6.30pm-9pm

Performed by Philip Dalziel and Debby Brown.

A classic toy theatre production with melodrama, moving sets and a finale of a storm at sea. Philip has been a keen toy theatre enthusiast since the  1970s and was a founder member of The Toy Theatre Club at Pollocks toy shop as a teenager.

Expect to add extra excitement by joining in with weather effects and crowd scenes.

Philip Dalziel has been a drama teacher and is now enjoying retirement and is assisted by Debby Brown, a devotee of toy theatre and an expert of its history.


MR. TURNER GETS STEAMED UP:  Thursday October 18th 6.30pm-9.00pm

Written, painted and preformed by Robert Poulter.

This show looks at Turner’s paintings of his modern world – steam ships and trains, and his relationship with Mrs. Booth his Margate landlady!

Robert Poulter has taken the traditional medium of toy theatre as a starting point and written and designed original productions which use movement, light and sound to create a new theatrical experience in miniature


POPULAR MUSIC HALL TURNS: Thursday November 1st 6.30pm-9pm

Performed by Sarah Peasgood.

A lively ‘sing-song‘ of a show with live narration and authentic  Music Hall song recordings support the ‘Turns’ as they each take to the miniature Wiltons stage for this charming representation of  a bygone era. Arthur Lloyd as ‘Joe Baxter’ will introduce a set of  famous characters who performed during the late 19th century in saloon bars and Music Halls before the onset of ‘Variety’ Acts. Turns include amongst others –  Berlington Bertie from Bow, Champagne Charlie and a flying trapeze (‘Watch out there in the balcony..!)

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA: Performed by Sarah Peasgood.

An upbeat, colourful and mini adaptation of the classic Hans Andersen fairy tale with continuous musical soundtrack and live narration. Suitable for all ages. 10 minutes

Sarah has been performing original handmade paper plays for 10 years, including festivals in Holland, Denmark and Germany. Her trademark live narration with continually moving scene changes against a brightly lit and colourfully lit stage and atmospheric musical soundtrack brings to life her adaptations to the miniature stage. Sarah creates her stage designs using Photoshop and montages for her original stage designs.


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Dates for this workshop/Course

  • Mary the Maid of the Inn - 11th October
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Mary the Maid of the Inn - 8th November
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Mr Turner Gets Steamed up -18th October
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Popular Music Hall Turns - 1st November
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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