DIY in a Day Drills

Learn the basics at this fast paced but relaxed one day workshop.

A perfect starter for all those annoying jobs around the house that you feel you should be able to tackle…if only you knew how. We know it’s frustrating to wait for it to be done and then get charged for it and we understand it can be a bit daunting to head into a wall with a power drill.

Pick up the skills to hang curtains, blinds and simple shelves on any wall. Learn to drill into wood, brick, tiles or hollow walls with confidence. We will show you how to judge what is behind the walls before you drill.

An enjoyable ‘hands on’ one day workshop that covers many of the common aspects of basic DIY. If you have just bought your home and have realised it didn’t include a landlord to fix stuff, or just don’t want to rely on someone else, this day is for you. There is plenty of time to practice on several exercises over the day.

The workshop also covers hanging pictures and heavier objects like mirrors, cupboards and flat screen TVs. You will learn how hang a hook, fix a baton and then a pair of level shelf brackets.

Finish off the day learning how to fit shelves into awkward alcoves – a handy skill you can use to fit work surfaces too.

Learn how to select the correct drill bit, wall fixing and screw to secure things confidently. The day will also include a chance to fill small and medium holes in wood and walls to prepare your surfaces for painting.

Along the way, we show you how to remove old wall fixings and what to do with the ones you can’t. This a fun fast day with plenty of tools to try and lots of advice on which tools to have in a basic toolkit. If you are thinking of upgrading your drill, you can test all of the ones we use and feel more knowledgeable of what you want to buy.

I don’t normally write reviews, but I did your drill day yesterday and it was brilliant!  I was expecting some big brawny tutor who kept doing sharp intakes of breath as he watched our technique, and instead we got a slip of a girl brandishing a whisk on the end of a drill.  Fab!

Moria was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, informative, patient and great fun.  I thought I’d be slashing my wrists putting up a shelf, instead it made me laugh out loud.  In a good way.

If anyone else is thinking of doing this course, I’d say Don’t Think, Just DO!  It’s given me a lot of confidence to at least tackle small jobs around the home now.  I feel like that guy out of Village People, the one in the hard hat and a tool belt.

This course is especially suitable if you are not handy or if you are able, but not that confident, about tackling small but important tasks in your home. We will also suggest how to tell if a task is appropriate for DIY or GSI (Get Someone In).

You will take home a set of skills that will last a lifetime. All tools and materials included. Perfect for beginners.

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Sat 28/10/2017 10:00 17:00 DIY IN A DAY - DRILLS 1 day Sells out fast! Details Sold Out
Sat 04/11/2017 10:00 17:00 DIY IN A DAY - DRILLS 1 day £175 Sells out fast! Details Register
Sat 18/11/2017 10:00 17:00 DIY IN A DAY - DRILLS 1 day £175 Sells out fast! Details Register
Sat 02/12/2017 10:00 17:00 DIY IN A DAY - DRILLS 1 day £175 Sells out fast! Details Register

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