Vintage Shelf

Make a Vintage Shelf

Suitable for: Beginners who like a challenge.

Course length: 6 weeks/15 hours.

Dates: One 2.5 hour session a week – see individual courses below for start dates/times.

Key tools: Saws, spokeshaves, marking gauges, try squares, chisels, planes.

Learning: Basic joints used in household woodwork. Knowledge of soft woods/introduction to joinery.


Carpentry for beginners – make a beautiful Edwardian era shelf.

Spend six evenings making a fabulous multi-jointed shelf unit, learning some classic and modern woodwork techniques along the way.

This project based course takes its inspiration from an Edwardian wood work instructional book ‘Carpentry for Beginners’. The book refers to it as a ‘Scullery shelf’, but if you are short on sculleries to put it, it will look lovely in any room.

The shelf unit has an elegant appearance and contains lots of interesting woodwork details that will be a delight to learn. It offers plenty of opportunity to use traditional and vintage hand tools as well as modern power tools.

The brackets are cut and curved with coping saws and spokeshaves, the shapes are fashioned with saws and chisels and then inserted into the top using  ‘wedged through mortises’.

The  square holes will be cut by hand and the shelf unit when finished will be ready to hold pots and pans as suggested in the 1910 book, or anything you find useful.

The use of all tools and materials is included. Perfect as a challenge for beginners with plenty of opportunity to learn about a wide variety of techniques.

Course dates:

This course takes place over six Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm – 9pm. See below for individual start dates.

All personal protection, the use of tools and basic materials are included.

Carpentry for Beginners - Make a Scullery ShelfCarpentry for Beginners - Make a Scullery Shelf Carpentry for Beginners - Make a Scullery ShelfMaximum 9 participants per class

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