Tool Sharpening

We are often asked during our woodwork workshops to explain even more about selecting and sharpening chisels for use. This is a chance to immerse yourself into the traditional techniques and procedures.

‘Sharp tools are safe tools’ so the saying goes. So it makes sense to know how to hone your chisels and plane irons to keep them keen and a pleasure to use.

In this practical workshop, expert woodworkers Ben Rawlinson or Geoff Davison will show you how to use a grind stone,  which sharpening stones to use, how to use a honing guide to select the exact angle and how to polish your chisels to a mirror finish with a strop so that your woodwork lines are crisp and sharp.

New chisels and plane irons from a factory have a machined edge, but they are not sold ready for use, so extra work is needed to go from a ground to a fine finish.

If you have a chisel you would like to sharpen bring it along and you can use our equipment to give it a new edge. We have plenty of chisels for you to practice with, and we sell sharpening stones and bevel edged chisels in 6.16 and 25mm widths if you would like a set of your own.

Having expended some patience getting your chisel well honed, it will not take long to bring it back to sweet sharpness each time you feel it losing its keenness.

‘How often do you have to sharpen your chisel?’ ‘As often as you need to.’ Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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