A Workshop for University College London Museums Department

ucl museums visit The Goodlife Centre

We were a bit excited when the museums department of University College London contacted us asking for a workshop for their curators to improve their shelf hanging and general fixing abilities. For those of you who have been introduced, you will know that the founder of UCL, Jeremy Bentham, a utilitarian, chose to have himself stuffed instead of buried and he sits; an auto icon, in a lovely case in the lobby of the main building. It was thrilling to have his curator along for the day. Although ‘Jazza’ has been wheeled about occasionally, they had left him behind for the day.

The team learned lots and taught us a fair bit too. The Egyptologist informed us that a cubit is the length of a forearm, which has been added to our ‘pub quiz gold’ trickles of trivia during out DIY classes.

They bestowed on us the gift of Jeremy Bentham’s head in the form of a lampshade, which was obviously the thing we needed to rustle up a quirky lamp in his honour.