Innocent Inspiration from The Prince’s ‘Seeing is Believing’.

We had a fabulous time when we hosted an event for Prince Charles’ Seeing is Believing’ programme recently.

Established in 1990 by HRH The Prince of Wales, the programme is now a recognised responsible leadership network counting over 8,000 alumni and hundreds of participants every year.

Twenty leaders of  High Growth small to medium businesses from all over England came to talk about environmental sustainability. There were several inspiring speakers including Richard Reed, Co-founder of Innocent Drinks and Marcelino Castrillo, MD of SME Banking, at Santander.

Richard spoke of the steps he took at Innocent to cut down waste and reduce the amount of landfill by increasing the technology of the methods used in recycling their plastic bottles. His success had an added ‘knock on’ effect when Coca Cola became part owner as they were able to use the same methods to reduce their environmental impact.

The discussions were lively and triggered many responses. many of us took away plenty of ideas of how to make sure we were doing everything our businesses could to reduce the pressure on the natural environment.