Home Health Check Up

Home Health Check Up

House maintenance is like staying healthy. It’s your responsibility to understand the consequences of poor diet and no exercise on your body and all it takes is a little education to start benefiting from the right amount of nutritious foods and a jog round the block.

Your home is the same. Take time to learn about it. Know where your water flows in your property and how all the electrics are connected. A home health check is empowering as well as a way to save money.Learning to spot the tell tale beginner signs of a potentially bigger problem allows you to feel ‘in charge’ as well as connecting you in a holistic way to the place where you live. A leaky tap is much cheaper to fix as soon as it starts to drip. Ignoring it or over tightening it may mean that by the time you come to fix it, the ‘seat’ of the tap has been damaged and you will need to pay for a new tap instead of a new washer.

It’s not only grotty mould that lurks in that growing line of black along the bath silicone sealant. Water, the liquid that created the Grand Canyon, starts to seep into the walls and osmosis draws it on. There is no sign of it at first, but it is slowly soaked up by the floorboards, the joists and the plaster ceiling in the room below.

We have heard of two Grand Consequences of this in our Basic Plumbing course. One learner was watching TV in that room below when the ceiling collapsed around him. Very Rock and Roll, but the most impact I have heard of was from a woman who had been in the bath when it crashed through into the kitchen below. She was ok. Only a broken leg and there was no one in the kitchen.

DIY isn’t always about adding a new extension or putting up a shelf. It is often about keeping more expensive problems at bay. Learn to spot when water draining down the sink or toilet is becoming sluggish. That’s when to tackle a problem. It’s cheap, fast and you have all the tools and ingredients in your cupboards right now. That’s home health.


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