Gardening – Containers for Small Spaces

Half-day workshop 10.00am-1.00pm.

Is your outside space a balcony, a tiny paved yard or patio? Do you just have room for a window box or a plant by your front door?

Tiny spaces are a challenge for any gardener. Add lots of storey’s, lack of rain and wary landlords to the restrictions and too often, the space that has potential to bloom into a tranquil space remains a sad and neglected area.

Urbanites – let’s get planting.

If you have no idea where to start, what you are planting, no idea about ‘dirt’, roots and bugs, this workshop will inspire you to jump start your mini garden. It might be a humble windowsill or a windy balcony, but wherever it is – there are plants that can thrive in it – if you learn how to start them off well and how to care for them.

Expert gardener Frances Ward will provide you with an introduction to selecting the basic tools you will need and guide you through the process of planting up tubs, pots and window boxes, while advising on the pitfalls of problem plants. You will learn how to select the appropriate plant, to know when to water, re-pot and how to brighten your space with plants to enjoy right now.

We offer seasonal sessions to keep in touch with your earthy side.  During each session you will create a planter with good drainage, water retention and room for plants to flourish. Come with questions and curiosity and leave with knowledge and a beautiful pot full of plants.

Summer: Plant up a container to take home with you. We supply plastic plant pots, soil and plants. Use of tools included. 

Autumn: Plant up a container to take home with you. Learn what will bring colour through the winter while the spring bulbs are waking up beneath. Get to grips with the basics of pruning. 

Winter: Plant up a container to take home with you. Plant up a selection of evergreens and enhance them with some holiday decorations. 

Spring: Plant up a container to take home with you.  More seeds and plugs – fewer weeds and slugs. What to plant and why. 

Maximum 8 participants per class

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