Learn to Make a Lamp at The Goodlife Centre

Suitable for beginners. Enjoyable for everyone.

One-day workshop. 10am – 5pm.

Have you been inspired by interiors magazines showing off retro Campbells Soup or Heinz Beans lighting design from William Heefer of Fuse? Perhaps you were bowled over (pun intended) by Jake Phipps fabulous authentic bowler hat lights?

Anything can become a lamp! Hats, tins, teapots, teacups, wine bottles, glasses, jars, cutlery… let your imagination and creativity run wild. It’s upcycle heaven and any bright spark can learn.

Spend a day learning the basic techniques of creating and wiring your very own lamp, which you will take home. Then use your new found skills to create many new designs for your home or as gifts for friends.

Through building your own lamp to take home, you will learn: how to wire a simple circuit, how to choose and wire lamp holders and switches, drilling techniques for different materials, and how to plan and design your own lighting creations.

We will also explore the many options open to you for materials, either found elements or how to source the electrical components you need.

All personal protection, the use of tools and basic materials are included, but you might like to bring along something you would like to make into a lamp.

Learn to Make a Lamp Learn to Make a Lamp Learn to Make a Lamp Learn to Make a Lamp Learn to Make a Lamp Learn to Make a Lamp

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The Goodlife Centre
122 Webber Street
United Kingdom

Start Date: 03/03/2013
Course Dates:

Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 17:00