Quilting Weekend at The Goodlife CentreWelcome to off-kilter quilting – a basic sewing and introduction to quilting weekend. During this two-day weekend workshop you will learn to machine-sew and hand-stitch a small cosy quilt.

Quilting has been a traditional ‘upcycling/make do and mend’ project long before such terms existed. The economic necessitation of piecing together of scraps, remnants and repurposing old clothes gradually turned from being utilitarian to become a deep source of inspirational creativity.

If the thought of painstakingly putting together tiny fiddly pieces of fabric isn’t for you, this course will free you from many of the traditional constraints, but allow you to produce a beautiful quilt quickly without any previous experience.

Based upon the piecing technique known as ‘Log cabin’ or ‘Roof tops’, avid quilter and tutor Mary McGeown will guide you through selecting a palette of colours, cutting to shape and machine sewing in an ‘off kilter’ style to build up ‘tiles’ and complete the top layer on the first day.

The following day is spent learning techniques to attach the top and bottom layers together with a polyester filling between.

This two-day short course will focus on the essential parts of every quilt process:

– The piecing of fabrics to form the top layer.

– The attaching of the top to the base layer via stitching or knotting..

– Stitching the edging of the completed quilt.

These are small classes and you will have lots of attention. We have good sewing machines for you to learn on, or if you have one of your own, you are welcome to bring it along. We also have a good selection of plain cotton fabric to choose from for your project. If you have any fabric you would like to use, you can bring it along.

Quilting Weekend at The Goodlife CentreQuilting Weekend at The Goodlife CentreQuilting Weekend at The Goodlife CentreLearn to sew curtains in a day at The Goodlife Centre in SE1Quilting Weekend at The Goodlife CentreQuilting Weekend at The Goodlife Centre

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49-55 Great Guildford Street
United Kingdom

Start Date: 03/09/2016
Course Dates: 3/9 & 4/9

Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 17:00