If you haven’t already discovered the Japanese wood craft  of Kumiko, you are in for a treat. Kumiko is a technique that uses no nails or hardware, just precise joints to keep furniture and even houses together. It is intricate and functional and a lot of fun to make. Using a small tool set and simple techniques this quiet craft can yield some spectacular pieces.

The traditional handicraft has been handed down for centuries but now artisans are taking the age old concept and applying the designs to more modern-day household items.

Auram Desforges, who grew up working on wood frame houses with his father in Canada has devised this elegant lamp to be constructed in six evenings.

The outer frame is created in walnut and the mini Kumiko screen is composed of cleverly cut bass wood to form a modern version of an ancient Ijutsu design. The small pieces are cut using an accurate shooting board and a sharp hand plane, then slid into place and backed with Shoji paper.

The designs for Kumiko pieces aren’t chosen randomly. In fact, many of the nearly 200 patterns used today have been around since the Edo era (1603-1868). Each design has a meaning or is mimicking a pattern in nature that is thought to be a good omen. The designs are not just pretty, they also distribute light and wind in a calming and beautiful way.

It make look complicated  but in reality, like all woodwork – it’s just a series of steps. Give it a try – you may do better than you expect.

 This course is held over six evenings and is suitable for confident beginners and anyone up for a fun challenge.

The use of all tools and materials is included. The project includes the lamp holder, flex, switch and UK 13 Amp plug

The dimensions of the finished lamp is 26cmH  x 15cmD x 15cmW.

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