DIY Bootcamp at the Goodlife Centre in Central LondonRun over four half days, learn the basics of hammers, saws, drills, plumbing and electrics.

Perfect if you have just bought your first home or just wish to quickly get to grips with basic home maintenance and DIY or anyone that wants to take control and learn these life long schedules.

Session 1. Hammer and Nails & Measure, Mark, Cut.

Hammer nails more accurately and safely. Simple methods and tips to mark out a job,measure accurately and cut using hand saws and a cordless jigsaw.

Session 2. Drilling & Fixing.

Overcome your fears of a power drill and learn how to fix those shelves onto the wall. At the end of this class you’ll even be able to drill into tile and brick.

Session 3. Plumbing.

Tackle all of those niggly plumbing jobs you have around your home, fix leaky taps, unblock sinks with confidence and learn how to replace the sealant in your bathroom.

Session 4. Electrics.

Stay safe in your home by learning what you can and can’t do yourself. Modernise your home by changing switch and socket plates. Build a switched light circuit.

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The Goodlife Centre
122 Webber Street
United Kingdom

Start Date: 24/07/2012
Course Dates:

Start Time: 14:00
End Time: 16:30