Wood Puzzle

Make a Wood puzzleSuitable for: Absolute beginners and those with rusty skills.

Course length: 6 weeks/15 hours.

Dates: One 2.5 hour session a week – see individual courses below for start dates/times.

Key tools: Saws,marking gauges, try squares, chisels, planes.

Learning: Basic joints used in household woodwork. Knowledge of soft woods/introduction to joinery.


For those of you who hanker for an ability to construct in wood, we are offering a new short course in basic woodwork.

Over six sessions, you will learn how to measure and cut accurately using a traditional brass backed hand saw, how to shape wood joints using a chisel and how to use a plane to smooth and form soft woods.

The classic joints you will learn how to make are the same principles that cabinet makers and joiners have been using for centuries. By learning how to select the most appropriate method of putting wood together, you can begin to use theses skills to build basic frameworks for projects in your home.

Andy Nicholl is a skilled carpenter and experienced tutor. He will help you gain confidence quickly even if you haven’t ever held a chisel.

The final project is a classic wood joint puzzle to take home and amaze your friends.

All personal protection, the use of tools and basic materials are included.

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