Woodwork for Advanced Beginners – Box & Bookends

Carpentry for Advanced Beginners at The Goodlife Centre Suitable for: Advanced beginners and those with rusty skills.

Course length: 12 weeks / 30 hours.

Dates: One afternoon or evening per week or five Sundays weekend – see individual courses below for start dates/times.

Key tools: Saws, drills, chisels, planes, joints, dovetails. gluing, sanding, finishing, veneers.

Learning: An Introduction to hardwoods, dovetails, and veneers (depending on course selected).

Project: Box with lid and book-ends.


For those who have used a chisel and plane, but would like to increase their skills and start working with  English hardwoods.

 During the 12 week evening course  you will make a set of bookends and a elegant box with a lid.

If you hanker for a hobby that doesn’t involve a touchscreen, and would like to engage with the pleasure of an absorbing past time, then this course is the perfect choice.

‘The intention of the course is to show those who have taken an interest in woodwork skills and have already practised a bit with saw, plane and chisel how to go about producing items that are of a quality that could be excellent gifts or even for sale.

 This involves considering the timber to be used (grain and species), very carefully marking out and cutting out joints, setting up and executing glue ups, adding details, sanding down surfaces to a fine level, and choosing/applying appropriate finishes.

The wood we will use will be hardwood which has been prepared to the required dimensions as slowly as possible so as to reduce the chance of excessive movement. The species will be probably be contrasting i.e black walnut and maple/ash to highlight the joinery or matching probably oak because it is stable. The theory remains the same for all timbers although in practice some are easier to work than others. Black walnut is a favourite of mine because it is very nice to work with and looks lovely too.’

This course is the perfect jumping off point to independent work and will build confidence to tackle projects around the house.

The use of all tools and materials – including the hardwoods used in each project – is included. Tools used during the course are available for sale at the centre for you to continue your hobby at home.

Carpentry for Advanced Beginners at The Goodlife CentreCarpentry for Advanced BeginnersCarpentry for Advanced Beginners at The Goodlife Centre

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