Woodwork Skills taught at The Goodlife Centre

We have two fantastic short workshops that will introduce you to the basics of woodwork that will offer you a practical, hands-on experience to increase your skills set of working with wood. If you enjoy the peace that comes with traditional skills, these workshops can be built into a life long pastime. These workshops always sells out fast.

Intro to Woodwork – 1 Day

Ideal for everyone with a hankering to ‘make’ rather than ‘assemble’ something in wood with traditional hand tools. This one day workshop is a great introduction if you lack time or commitment to take a longer course.

In this safe and friendly workshop, you will learn how to plan your work, where and how to buy suitable wood for use in making simple projects at home. You will use the tools you will need to build a basic kit and the day includes a demonstration on keeping your tools sharp.

Using easy to follow directions in this  ‘hands on’ practical day, you will learn how to measure and cut accurately, how to use a chisel to make a classic wood joint and how to use to a plane to make your wood smooth. You will drill the holes to glue and screw your work together.

During the day you will make two ‘gallows style’ brackets and attach them with wood plugged screws to a 50cm shelf. This is fitted with simple hardware to hang and display your work.

Intro to Woodwork – 2 Days

A content packed two-day basic carpentry woodwork skills course spread over a weekend days. Make your own pine wood stool and take it home with you to be admired by friends and family.

This is a great starter workshop that introduces the skills of how to measure accurately, cut precisely and join planks together using dowels. In addition to this, the legs are connected to the base using a ‘wedged through tenon’ which is a classic woodworking joint and produces a very strong and pleasing result. The tools used include handsaws, chisels, planes and spoke shaves and you can even get a chance to try an old fashioned ‘bit and brace’ drill. If you are contemplating our longer ‘Carpentry for Beginners’ course, this can be a great way to gain confidence.

Experienced carpenter, Andy Nicholl (who also teaches ‘Carpentry for Beginners’) will guide a small group through the design and making of an elegant pine stool using traditional hand tools. The workshop focuses on jointing wood with dowels, using and caring for a plane and chisel, using spokeshaves and hand drilling with augers.

We have a selection of tools used in our workshops for sale at the Centre so you can take them home and continue to improve as you practice to develop a life-long skill. All personal protection and use of tools and materials are included.

Woodworking Skills Workshops at The Goodlife CentreHand make a wood stool at the Goodlife centre in londonWoodworking Skills Workshops at The Goodlife CentreNamed and claimed forever at The Goodlife CentreHand make a wood stool at the Goodlife centre in london

Woodwork Skills at The Goodlife Centre

Start dayDateStart timeEnd timeCourse nameCourse lengthPriceGood to KnowDetailsRegister
Sat 23/05/2015 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - 1 DAY 1 day £175.00 Make a set of wood brackets details
Sat 27/06/2015 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - 2 DAYS 2 days £345.00 Make a wood stool details
Sat 11/07/2015 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - 1 DAY 1 day £175.00 Make a set of wood brackets details

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