Upholster a Footstool

Upholster a Fabric Footstool

If you would like to get stuck in to a project a bit more traditional than the drop-in dining chair seat that we tackle on our ‘Intro to Upholstery – 1 Day‘ workshop, then choose from one of our longer weekend or six-week evening workshops for your chance to learn one of two different upholstery processes and take home a beautiful footstool that you will own forever. Or try them both to build your portfolio of upholstery skills.

Professional upholsterers, Rachael South and Jan Dodd will give you a wonderful introduction to this traditional and practical craft and leave you with the confidence and skills to tackle new projects on your own. Plenty of guidance in a small group with a great tutor.

All of our upholstery classes are for absolute beginners. It doesn’t matter which one you choose to take first. Each technique that is offered is part of all the processes every upholsterer has to learn.

Our Intro to Traditional Upholstery – Weekend or Evening class gives you the opportunity to embark on a more substantial project to make your own upholstered fabulous footstool from scratch, using a selection from our fabrics, or something special of your own. This workshop teaches traditional upholstery skills building a stool using layers of woven webbing, hessian, vegetable fibre, animal hair and calico and is sewn with specialist needles and stitches. Although a more labour intensive method than the modern method of using foam, it is much longer lasting and preferred in more expensive pieces of furniture. KEY PROCESS: TRADITIONALLY BUILT AND SEWED.

In Intro to Modern Upholstery – Weekend you will learn the classic form of deep buttoned upholstery. From making the buttons, forming the foam and pleating the fabric, you will learn a selection of new upholstery skills in this weekend workshop. The dimensions for our footstool are 540mm x 36omm and we have allowed enough time and materials to make 9 deep buttoned holes. KEY PROCESS: DEEP BUTTONING.

Use fabric of your own, or use one of our luxurious upholstery fabrics at the centre. You will need a metre of fabric if you choose to bring your own. Bring scraps to make your own buttons if you would like to as well. The use of all tools and basic materials is included.

Upholster a FootstoolUpholstering a Footstool at The Goodlife Centre in WaterlooLearn to upholster a sprung footstoolUpholster a Deep Buttoned FootstoolUpholstering a Footstool at The Goodlife Centre in WaterlooUpholster a Deep Buttoned Footstool

Start day Date Start time End time Course name Course length Price Good to Know Details Register
Sat 13/02/2016 10:00 17:00 UPHOLSTER A TRADITIONAL FOOTSTOOL - WEEKEND 2 days Fantastic intro to traditional upholstery Details Sold Out
Sat 27/02/2016 10:00 17:00 UPHOLSTER A DEEP BUTTONED FOOTSTOOL - WEEKEND 2 days £345 Great intro to modern upholstery! Details Register
Sat 19/03/2016 10:00 17:00 UPHOLSTER A TRADITIONAL FOOTSTOOL - WEEKEND 2 days £345 Fantastic intro to traditional upholstery. Details Register

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