Carpentry & Woodwork at The Goodlife Centre

Suitable for: Absolute beginners and those with rusty skills.

Course length: Various options….12 weeks/30 hours, 5 weeks/30 hours, 6 weeks/15 hours – see individual courses below.

Dates: One eve/afternoon a week or weekends – see individual courses below for start dates/times.

Key tools: Saws, drills, chisels, planes, joints, dovetails.

Learning: Basic joints used in household woodwork.

Project: Open Tool Box , Shelf & Brackets or Small Set of Steps (no project during the six week course).

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In this throw away age, when all the furniture we own is assembled and not built, we are pleased to offer an opportunity to spend some  precious time learning how to use ageless tools to make something everlasting from wood.

Using a mixture of vintage hand tools and modern power tools, experienced crafts(wo)men Andy Nicholl or Ruth Thompson will guide and inspire you as they teache age old techniques in carpentry. As you begin making objects traditionally constructed from seasoned pine, you will learn how to use and care for chisels, saws, planes and spoke-shaves. Andy and Ruth are both passionate about carpentry and craftsmanship. They conveys their skilful practical experience with light-hearted patience.

Students will work on a variety of exercises – designed to incorporate simple to advanced joints, adhesives and tools that build confidence and  independence.

Over five, six or twelve weeks, we will cover many aspects of traditional carpentry tuition. There will be lots of practical exercises in each session.

Step I – We will get familiar with some tools of the trade:

– Introducing basic tools. Equipping a toolbox for home carpentry.

– Timber selection/marking out and cutting. Tips on woods, saws and drills.

– Using a plane, different types of planes. Sharpening tips and practice.

– Using a chisel and letting-in a hinge. Sharpening tips and practice.

Step II – You will use planes, chisels and marking tools:

– Simple joints and why we use them.

– Half joints, lap joints. Practice using chisels and planes.

– Bridle joints and even a simple dovetail.

Step III – You will make a simple project to take home (5 & 12 Week courses):

It’s fast paced but with the support of the tutors, over the final stages you will complete your own project (dependant on which course you choose) to make either a simple traditional tool box, shelf and gallows brackets or a small set of steps:

– Work from selected pine and measure, mark and cut pieces.

– Choose and make joints, assemble and secure with adhesive or screws.

– Sand and smooth to a stage where your project is ready for staining or waxing and taken home with pride.

All personal protection, the use of tools and basic materials are included.

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Start day Date Start time End time Course name Course length Price Good to Know Details Register
Mon 02/11/2015 14:30 17:00 CARPENTRY FOR BEGINNERS - 6 AFTERNOONS 6 weeks £395 Sells out fast! Details Register
Mon 02/11/2015 18:30 21:00 CARPENTRY FOR BEGINNERS - 6 EVENINGS 6 weeks £395 Sells out fast! Details Register
Sat 07/11/2015 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - 1 DAY 1 day £175 Make a set of wood brackets Details Register
Sat 14/11/2015 10:00 17:00 INTRO TO WOODWORK - 2 DAYS 2 days £345 Make a wood stool Details Register
Mon 04/01/2016 18:30 21:00 CARPENTRY FOR BEGINNERS - 6 EVENINGS 6 weeks £395 Sells out fast! Details Register
Mon 04/01/2016 18:30 21:00 CARPENTRY FOR BEGINNERS - 12 EVENINGS 12 weeks £745 Make a table Details Register

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