The Goodlife Centre

Where Good Things Happen

The Goodlife Centre is an independent learning space situated near Tate Modern, Central London. We offer practical boutique workshops in DIY, Home Maintenance, Decorating, Upholstery, Woodwork & Carpentry, Furniture Upcycling & Restoration and various traditional hand Crafts.

Our large studio space is the ideal environment for our fast paced workshops. We offer classes all year to absolute beginners so no more excuses and no need to wait till ‘term time’. New classes added regularly.

Bookings are now being taken for workshops in carpentry and woodwork, DIY and home maintenance, furniture and restoration, home interiors, sewing, traditional crafts and upholstery.

Follow The Guardian’s series of articles on our DIY courses.

Do you know someone you want to encourage to do more DIY or learn traditional skills? We have gift vouchers to suit all budgets.

What We Do

Aprons are provided at the Goodlife Centre in Waterloo

The Goodlife Centre provides interesting practical ‘hands on’ workshops where everyone can gain new skills and enjoy expanding their confidence and abilities. All classes are open to men and women and are intended to teach skills to beginners and are not intended as trade training courses. We do not test or evaluate – so you can relax while you learn.

Our workshop leaders are all experts in their field and enjoy passing on their knowledge in an informal and safe environment. In any course, you will learn by practice and enjoy the support of fellow classmates. The classes are small, which makes plenty of time for one on one learning.

Some of the evening workshops  incorporate on going learning. You can return to increase your level of understanding.

We are adding new workshops all the time – so come back and see what’s happening or sign up to our newsletter  to find out about new classes and early bird discounts.

Why You Should Visit

If you are frustrated by your own inability to tackle a task, or resentful of having to pay someone to take care of simple home maintenance – welcome. We know how annoying it is to have to wait till some handy side kick can get round to the tasks you wish would just get done.

For many who spend their days typing at a keyboard or in a job with abstract goals, the level of satisfaction from learning a practical skill is a wonderful stress buster after an unfulfilled day.

If you are a DIY phobic, a bit wary or a Gung Ho ‘Let me at it’ type, our small practical classes aim to fast track you through the basics, guided by professionals who will share their expertise to instil you with the confidence to go it alone.

If you hanker for more knowledge about maintaining your property or would just love to learn more skills – Come on down.


Workshops are for men and women and can be taken as one day classes or as part of a longer learning process to build up the skills you want at your own pace.

Beginner classes – previous ability required – zilch, nada, none.

All levels – like a one room school house, work at your own level under the eye of expert guidance.